Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lesson in Sengkang

Sengkang Swimming Complex is an excellent pool to learn swimming. You can hit the gym nearby before lessons and can have a great meal after that!

Swimming Lessons for Kids

Students will will be trained under the SwimSafer programme. SwimSafer consists of 6 stages where students will learn progressively to be strong swimmers.


This is an excellent swimming programme with certification which is also recognised by all schools under the Ministry of Education. All primary school students are required to go through the SwimSafer programme.

Fees from $80/month

Weekly 45min lesson

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Private lessons are very popular for adults as we can cater to your level individually. You may already be able to swim but needs some correction, or may be afraid of water. Our instructors will be able to identify the kind of instructions needed for you to let you learn comfortably.


Get a friend to join you, this way you can feel more relaxed while learning, while lowering the fees for private lessons.

Fees from $120/month

Weekly 45min lesson